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Top 5 Cyber Forensics Case Studies in India

Cyber forensic or computer forensic is important to find out of the cybercriminal. It plays a major role nowadays. As compare with normal forensics we cannot find any blood splatters, cloths, hairs, etc in cyber forensic cases. In cyber forensics we need to examine the computer or related things and identify the evidence from it. So, I am taking you to the 5 cyber forensic case studies.

Case no:1 Hosting Obscene Profiles (Tamil Nadu)

Here I am starting with a case which happened in Tamil Nadu. The case is about the hosting obscene profiles. This case has solved by the investigation team in Tamil Nadu. The complainant was a girl and the suspect was her college mate. In this case the suspect will create some fake profile of the complainant and put in some dating website. He did this as a revenge for not accepting his marriage proposal. So this is the background of the case.

Investigation Process

Let’s get into the investigation process. As per the complaint of the girls the investigators started investigation and analyze the webpage where her profile and details. And they log in to that fake profile by determining its credentials, and they find out from where these profiles were created by using access log. They identified 2 IP addresses, and also identified the ISP. From that ISP detail they determine that those details are uploaded from a café. So the investigators went to that café and from the register and determine suspect name. Then he got arrested and examining his SIM the investigators found number of the complainant.


The suspect was convicted of the crime, and he sentenced to two years of imprisonment as well as fine.


Case no:2 Illegal money transfer (Maharashtra)

The second case is about an illegal money transfer. This case is happened in Maharashtra. The accused in this case is a person who is worked in a BPO. He is handling the business of a multinational bank. So, he had used some confidential information of the banks customers and transferred huge sum of money from the accounts.

Investigation Process

Let’s see the investigation process of the case. As per the complaint received from the frim they analysed and studied the systems of the firm to determine the source of data theft. During the investigation the system server logs of BPO were collected, and they find that the illegal transfer were made by tracing the IP address to the internet service provider and it is ultimately through cyber café and they also found that they made illegal transfer by using swift codes. Almost has been  The registers made in cyber café assisted in identifying the accused in the case. Almost 17 accused were arrested.


Trail for this case is not completed, its pending trial in the court.

Case no:3 Creating Fake Profile (Andhra Pradesh)

The next case is of creating fake profile. This case is happened in Andhra Pradesh. The complainant received obscene email from unknown email IDs. The suspect also noticed that obscene profiles and pictures are posted in matrimonial sites.

Investigation Process

The investigators collect the original email of the suspect and determine its IP address. From the IP address he could confirm the internet service provider, and its leads the investigating officer to the accused house. Then they search the accused house and seized a desktop computer and a handicam. By analysing and examining the desktop computer and handicam they find the obscene email and they find an identical copy of the uploaded photos from the handicam. The accused was the divorced husband of the suspect.


Based on the evidence collected from the handicam and desktop computer charge sheet has been filed against accused and case is currently pending trial.

Case no:4 Intellectual property theft (Karnataka)

 Let see an intellectual property theft happened in software based company situated in Bangalore. The complainant complains that some of the company’s employs had used the company’s IT system and destoryed with the source code of the software under development.

Investigation Process

As per the complaint received from the company the investigating team visit the company and scanned the logs of email. They found the IP address and using tracing software trace out the ISP and the address of the place where the email has been sent. This information leads the investigation to the Hyderabad based company. The investigation team went to that company and found 13 computers and a server, using specialized tools the disk were imaged and analysed by the team. The analysis revealed that the original source code and its tampered version had been stored from the system.


Based on the collected evidence the investigation has completed and arrested the accused. Case is in its final stage waiting for the opinion report from C-DAC.

Case no:5 Hacking (Karnataka)

Here is the fifth case which is a hacking case it happened in Bangalore Karnataka. In this case the complainant receives the obscene pornographic material at her email address and mobile phone. She also stated that she had a doubt somebody has hacked her accounts.

Investigation Process

The investigating team analyse the mail received by the suspect, and they sent message to different email using complainant email address. Subsequently the investigating team was able to identify the ISP address of the computer system and it was also tracked on an organisation in Delhi from its server logs, through this log they get to know about the system from which the obscene material was sent. Using disk imaging and analysing tool the email were retrieved from the system.


On the basis of the collected evidence the accused was arrested. The case has been finalised and currently pending administrative approval.

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