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We are dedicated to making the internet safer for everybody


We Believe the Best Experience Win

The name Texial is a combination of the words technology and axle. The company was founded by professionals with many years of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to making the internet safer for everybody. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive protection to individuals, organizations as well as government agencies against the rapidly evolving nature of cybercrime. 


We leverage cutting-edge tools and state-of-the-art technology to predict and prevent cyberattacks and meet the requirements of all types of organizations in every industry. 


As part of our commitment, Texial conducts training programs to create awareness about cybersecurity at educational institutions and companies. In addition to this, we also offer certificate courses for budding candidates to address the dearth of talent in the industry. 

A Dedicated Team Of Experienced Cybersecurity Professionals And A Practical Approach, We Will Help Your Organization To Protect Data From Various Cyber Threats

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Our Mission

Texial’s mission is to prevent all forms of cybercrimes by spreading awareness at every level and providing training to bridge the talent gap in the industry.


Our Vision

We envision a world free of data theft and malicious internet activity through the elegant synergy of sophisticated technology and human ingenuity.   

Services We Offer

Texial’s services are formulated to offer complete protection to companies small and large against all types of cybercrimes. Our services are based on the latest technology for providing comprehensive digital security solutions and creating awareness about the threat to data security and privacy.  


Is An Authorized Simulation Against An Organizations Network Or Applications Identifying Vulnerabilities And Security Issues.


designed for every individual and working professionals who are keen for having Complete practical knowledge of the penetration testing and latest Cyber Security technologies.

Cyber Forensics Services

The Quick Recognition And Extraction Of Certain Risk Criteria From The Entire Data For Further Analysis.


that outlines a system of management that brings information security under management control as per certain predefined criteria.


Together we can Secure your Business

Trusted Cyber Security Service Provider

Texial works round the clock to ensure your security. As a company, we adapt faster and smart technologies for our client’s cybersecurity. we even extend cyber securities policies to all devices. Protecting access with technology-leading Adaptive Multi-Factor, critical network and evolving needs of our happy customer.

National Investigation Agency
Intelligence Bureau
Income Tax Department
Government of Karnataka
Tamilnadu Government
Bengaluru city police
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