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Texial Cyber Security Partnership program

As part of our dedication to combating cybercrime, we at Texial invite aspiring entrepreneurs to collaborate with us for launching training institutes

Why become an Texial Cyber Security Partner?

Texial has a long-standing commitment to bridging the talent gap for cybersecurity in India. As part of our efforts to nurture budding talent, we invite institutions to partner with us for business opportunities. 

Texial Takes Pride In Offering Customized, Unique And Globally Delivered Training Programs Which Are Aligned With The Best Practice And Industry Standards. Our Training Patterns Enable You To Showcase Tailored, Unique And Accredited Security Programs To The Organization With A Wide Range Of Mutual Rewards And Benefits. If You Are Looking Forward To Delivering Vendor Independent Complete Information.

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Partner Program


Training modules and pedagogical methods adopted at Texial are the product of comprehensive research into prevailing market conditions and industrial requirements. Our faculty is composed of leading experts in cybersecurity who have broad in-sight cultivated through many years of working on legal and corporate cases.

Become an Accredited Training Center

The curriculum at Texial is designed with an emphasis on theoretical and practical learning using software that is acknowledged by police, forensic investigators as well as intelligence agencies around the globe

Training Partner Overview

Texial Cyber Security Partnership Program

Texial Certified Training Center Is A Network Of Global Training Centers That Offer Up-To-Date Credential Services, Training, And Testing. To Meet The International Credentialing And Training Standards And Needs. As A Certified Training Center, You Will Have The Opportunity To Learn From Our Certified Instructors.