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Top Cyber Forensics Course training | CHFI Certification

Texial’s Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator CHFI V10  is a Complete Interactive and hands-on CHFI V10 training program having 16 Modules, 120 Units, 600+ Advanced CHFI tools updated with the latest technologies which enable to develop of an adequate set of skills to become effective sentinels against

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator - CHFI V10 in Bangalore Overview

Texial’s Cyber Forensic Training in Bangalore provides an integrated program which is a blend of theory and practical required to be an expert in the latest cutting edge Forensic Investigation techniques used by a on-time live Investigator to perform analysis over the system or a network which helps an expert to analyze against recent cyber attacks and cyber threats.

This Cyber Forensic Training in Bangalore is oriented with latest advance technology tools in a simulated cyber forensics lab which provides real-time cyber forensic scenario like to identify and analyze network monitored devices and cyber attacks in a controlled environment.

Our Cyber Forensic training in Bangalore helps you to be a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator(CHFIv10), an individual who uses the same tools and techniques as Forensics Expert to look for and investigate forensic cases in a supervised and legal way in computer environment. Cyber Forensic is an excellent way to assess the security logs of systems and find possible ways tracking the malicious attacker.

Individuals are trained to investigate into attacked systems and networks to carry out forensics activities under supervision, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures. This Cyber Forensic Training in Bangalore enhances an individual’s capability to master and proliferate the cyber forensic industry. CHFI V10 certification in Bangalore gives the ability to assess and analyze computer systems’ security to help fight against cyber threats.

Eligibility and Pre-requisites

  • Due to the availability of a plethora of resources to learn these days, there are no such eligibility criteria for learning CHFIv10 in Bangalore.
  • Any individual with basic Computer Knowledge can opt for this CHFI V10 Cyber Forensic Course in Bangalore.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to enhance their skills in Cyber Forensic
  • Working professionals in IT and Management

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Our Training Formats

  • Class room Training Events

  • Private Classes

  • Class room + Self-Paced Training

  • Private Classes

  • Virtual Classroom Training
  • One on One Training

Dual Certification

Earn your CHFI V10 and Texial Certified Forensics Investigator, guaranteed!

In this Cyber Forensic Course in Bangalore, one can understand the complete usage of the Cyber Forensic latest tools and techniques. This CHFIv10 Certification in Bangalore will enhance the skills required to penetrate into a secured system or network through various strategies. Understanding each and every plan of attack is made easy with a simulated lab environment.

As it is a dual certification it benefits you to earn two in-demand certifications: EC-Council Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator(CHFI V10) and  Texial Certified Cyber Forensic Expert.

Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator-v10

The Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI v10) is a vital training program for an information security professional. The CHFI v10 Cyber Forensic Course in Bangalore is the most comprehensive Cyber Forensic program in the world.

CHFI V10 Course in Bangalore Training Options


INR 42,000


INR 55,000


Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator in Bangalore Curriculum

CHFIv10 in Bangalore Curriculum is designed in such a way that an individual can learn Cyber Forensic from scratch i.e basics to advance level, Basics cover the topics like Forensic Fundamentals which is required for the Cyber Forensic, this program is formed by an expert in Cyber Forensic industries which give exposure to the program which is really required in solving the real-time problem with the perfect combination of theory and practical knowledge. Here at Texial we share the knowledge on how to face the problem with the real-time solution practically with additional topics like cyber law applicable in India and on how to write closure reports.

1.1. Understand the Fundamentals of Computer Forensics

1.2. Understand Cybercrimes and their Investigation Procedures

1.3. Understand Digital Evidence 

1.4. Understand Forensic Readiness, Incident Response and the Role of SOC (Security

Operations Center) in Computer Forensics

1.5. Identify the Roles and Responsibilities of a Forensic Investigator

1.6. Understand the Challenges Faced in Investigating Cybercrimes


2.1. Understand the Forensic Investigation Process and its Importance

2.2. Understand the Pre-investigation Phase 

2.3. Understand First Response

2.4. Understand the Investigation Phase 

2.5. Understand the Post-investigation Phase

3.1. Describe Different Types of Disk Drives and their Characteristics 

3.2. Explain the Logical Structure of a Disk 

3.3. Understand Booting Process of Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems 

3.4. Understand Various File Systems of Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems

3.5. Examine File System Using Autopsy and The Sleuth Kit Tools

3.6. Understand Storage Systems

3.7. Understand Encoding Standards and Hex Editors

3.8. Analyze Popular File Formats Using Hex Editor

4.1. Understand Data Acquisition Fundamentals

4.2. Understand Data Acquisition Methodology

4.3. Prepare an Image File for Examination

5.1. Understand Anti-forensics Techniques

5.2. Discuss Data Deletion and Recycle Bin Forensics

5.3. Illustrate File Carving Techniques and Ways to Recover Evidence from Deleted Partitions

5.4. Explore Password Cracking/Bypassing Techniques

5.5. Detect Steganography, Hidden Data in File System Structures, Trail Obfuscation, and File Extension Mismatch

5.6. Understand Techniques of Artifact Wiping, Overwritten Data/Metadata Detection, and Encryption

5.7. Detect Program Packers and Footprint Minimizing Techniques

5.8. Understand Anti-forensics Countermeasures

6.1. Collect Volatile and Non-volatile Information

6.2. Perform Windows Memory and Registry Analysis

6.3. Examine the Cache, Cookie and History Recorded in Web Browsers

6.4. Examine Windows Files and Metadata

6.5. Understand ShellBags, LNK Files, and Jump Lists

6.6. Understand Text-based Logs and Windows Event Logs

7.1. Understand Volatile and Non-volatile Data in Linux

7.2. Analyze Filesystem Images Using The Sleuth Kit

7.3. Demonstrate Memory Forensics Using Volatility & PhotoRec

7.4. Understand Mac Forensics

8.1. Understand Network Forensics

8.2. Explain Logging Fundamentals and Network Forensic Readiness

8.3. Summarize Event Correlation Concepts

8.4. Identify Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) from Network Logs

8.5. Investigate Network Traffic

8.6. Perform Incident Detection and Examination with SIEM Tools

8.7. Monitor and Detect Wireless Network Attacks

9.1. Understand Web Application Forensics

9.2. Understand Internet Information Services (IIS) Logs

9.3. Understand Apache Web Server Logs

9.4. Understand the Functionality of Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

9.5. Understand the Functionality of Web Application Firewall (WAF)

9.6. Investigate Web Attacks on Windows-based Servers

9.7. Detect and Investigate Various Attacks on Web Applications

10.1. Understand the Dark Web

10.2. Determine How to Identify the Traces of Tor Browser during Investigation

10.3. Perform Tor Browser Forensics

11.1. Understand Database Forensics and its Importance

11.2. Determine Data Storage and Database Evidence Repositories in MSSQL Server

11.3. Collect Evidence Files on MSSQL Server

11.4. Perform MSSQL Forensics

11.5. Understand Internal Architecture of MySQL and Structure of Data Directory

11.6. Understand Information Schema and List MySQL Utilities for Performing Forensic Analysis

11.7. Perform MySQL Forensics on WordPress Web Application Database

12.1. Understand the Basic Cloud Computing Concepts

12.2. Understand Cloud Forensics

12.3. Understand the Fundamentals of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

12.4. Determine How to Investigate Security Incidents in AWS

12.5. Understand the Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure

12.6. Determine How to Investigate Security Incidents in Azure

12.7. Understand Forensic Methodologies for Containers and Microservices

13.1. Understand Email Basics

13.2. Understand Email Crime Investigation and its Steps

13.3. U.S. Laws Against Email Crime

14.1. Define Malware and Identify the Common Techniques Attackers Use to Spread Malware

14.2. Understand Malware Forensics Fundamentals and Recognize Types of Malware Analysis

14.3. Understand and Perform Static Analysis of Malware

14.4. Analyze Suspicious Word and PDF Documents

14.5. Understand Dynamic Malware Analysis Fundamentals and Approaches

14.6. Analyze Malware Behavior on System Properties in Real-time

14.7. Analyze Malware Behavior on Network in Real-time

14.8. Describe Fileless Malware Attacks and How they Happen

14.9. Perform Fileless Malware Analysis – Emotet

15.1. Understand the Importance of Mobile Device Forensics

15.2. Illustrate Architectural Layers and Boot Processes of Android and iOS Devices

15.3. Explain the Steps Involved in Mobile Forensics Process

15.4. Investigate Cellular Network Data

15.5. Understand SIM File System and its Data Acquisition Method

15.6. Illustrate Phone Locks and Discuss Rooting of Android and Jailbreaking of iOS Devices

15.7. Perform Logical Acquisition on Android and iOS Devices

15.8. Perform Physical Acquisition on Android and iOS Devices

15.9. Discuss Mobile Forensics Challenges and Prepare Investigation Report

16.1. Understand IoT and IoT Security Problems

16.2. Recognize Different Types of IoT Threats

16.3. Understand IoT Forensics

16.4. Perform Forensics on IoT Devices

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Tools Covered

CHFI Training in Bangalore Fees

Admission Process

Fill up Application Form

Upload required Documents

Final Application to be shared with Admission Committee for final approval

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Cyber Forensic Course in Bangalore Advisory

Dr. Venkatesan Selvam is having 22+ years of experience in the education sector. He is an executive director center for Cyber-physical System and Big data Analytics, Training and Placement Advisory Committee at Academic Council and Member in Research Board. An active member of ISTE, IACSIT, CSTA, IAENG, GATE. He has successfully published 70+ International Publications, also published International Patent
Dr Venkatesh Selvam
Vice President Texial
Rajeev has 20+ years of experience in the Indian Air Force(IAF) as a head of Information Technology Infrastructure. Being a cyber lawyer he even possesses various certifications such as CISM | CISA | CSA | MS AZURE | ISO 27001LA | ITIL | CEH | ECSA | CND | CHFI​. He is proficient in designing and implementing cyber compliance, handling high priority Incidents and crisis management as well as Security Operations Center. As a Texial board member, he is responsible for verifying the quality and standard of education.
Rajeev Jha
Cyber Expert - Texial Board Member
Premjith being the Director of Elyan Labs is a strategist with 22 years of experience, An IIM alumnus previously associated with Reliance group, Hutchison Essar, and TATA Group of companies, he was a member of the Global Cyber Security Forum. His experience spans diverse verticals including Cyber Security, ISP, Telecom & IoT. He is the winner of the "TOP GUN AWARD -2015", the most prestigious and the most coveted award in the TATA Group of Companies.
Premjith Ej
Cyber Expert - Texial Board Member

CHFI-v10 Training in Bangalore Certification & Examination

Yes, Ec-council Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator and Certified  Cyber Forensic Expert course comes with a globally recognized and valid course certificate.

Due to the availability of a plethora of resources to learn these days, there are no such eligibility criteria for learning CHFIv10 in Bangalore.

Any individual with basic Computer knowledge can opt for this CHFIv10 Bangalore.

For Texial Certified Forensic Expert, it will be a complete practical exam in a sophisticated cyber Forensic lab environment.

Ec- Council standard format for CHFI v10 Exam is a 4-hour exam with 125 multiple-choice questions.

No, completion of all the modules is mandatory to obtain the certificate in CHFI v10 in Bangalore.

You can schedule a one-on-one session with our Admission Counselor by calling  on 9886655699 or email your queries to [email protected] to get more clarity on CHFIv10 Training in Bangalore.

For any queries regarding admissions for the  Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Course in Bangalore, or to establish industry academia relationships, or additional assistance.

reach out to us at 

ethical hacking course
  • Interact with our mentors to obtain guidance to make your learning an efficient one
  • We provide a blended program where students can do practical coursework guided by their mentor to make the learning cycle complete.
  •  Initiate and maintain proactive individualized coaching, mentoring, and encouragement to students, keeping them engaged in the successful advancement of their education.
  •  We see to it that our students develop a growth mindset that embraces development and problem-solving.

Our CHFI v10 Course in Bangalore Placement Cell

Career Counselling

Chart down your skills and get personalized counseling from our experts to grab in the opportunity to get the best cyber forensic training in Bangalore

Resume Feedback

Our professionals will look into your resume and give personalized feedback to chart down the opportunities.


Internships being the building blocks, we provide a lot of internship offers to enhance your skills.

Job Placement

There are a lot of companies coming in frequently to hire certified individuals as cyber analysts.

CHFIv10 Course in Bangalore Training FAQ

Follow these simple steps to become a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator-CHFI in Bangalore:

  • Register for the Texial Cyber Forensic Training in Bangalore
  • Complete the offline/online classroom training program
  • Practice your techniques on the Texial designed ILabs platform
  • Take the Texial’s Certified Cyber Forensic Expert and CHFIv10 examination
  • After the successful completion of the course work and the examination, you will flourish as a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator professional.

EC council certified CHFIv10 Certification comes with a s validity of three years, and Texial certified Cyber Forensic Expert certification is valid for four years.

The Texial’s Ethical Hacking course is conducted via Live Virtual Classrooms which will be an in and out interactive session where you’ll get a complete hands-on practical experience through our online sophisticated labs.

After the successful completion of the Cyber Forensic certification Course in Bangalore, you will receive the Texial certified Cyber Forensic Expert and EC Council certified CHFIv10 certificate which is globally valid and sustainably adequate for a cyber forensic career. 

Cyber Forensic course certification is an excellent way to alight your first role as an Information Security professional. The CHFI and Texial’s Cyber Forensic expert certifications are a common prerequisite required for Cyber Forensic / Investigation 

 The most common job roles in the cyber forensic domain which will enhance your career in Cyber Forensic include- Forensic Computer analyst, Cyber Crime investigator, Forensic Accountant, Malware Analyst, Mobile Forensic Expert, Computer Crime Investigator, Cryptographer, Computer Forensic Examiner, Digital Crime Specialist

The Texial certified cyber forensic expert and the EC council certified CHFI Certifications combinedly provides intense training where you gain extensive knowledge in Cyber Forensic which situate you at an unbeaten level of your field.

The Cyber Forensic Training in Bangalore  focuses on digital forensic skills, techniques, and technologies from an Investigator perspective. Our advanced cyber forensic program is regularly updated on basis of the latest developments in the field, including new Forensic techniques, skills, automated programs as well as offensive recommendations as outlined by experts in the domain. The CHFI and Texial knowledge bodies represent detailed contributions from cybersecurity experts, educationalists, industry practitioners, and the cyber forensic community.

The value of CEH and Texial’s Ethical Hacking course in Bangalore lies in its practical value. students are exposed to over 20+ domains of business risks and the potential damage that can occur due to negligence. Our students will be able to make an informed decision regarding the amount of risk a company can/will face if it chooses to address a security concern.

Cyber security is a vast domain where it greets any individual who is interested in pursuing the career in cyber security, our course offers an adequate knowledge to pursue the career in cyber security, and it is also a functional add-on for an Ethical Hacker, System Administrator, Network Administrators and Engineers, Auditors, Web managers, Security professionals in general.

Texial’s dual certification course provides two certificates where after the successful completion of the course, examination will be held separately for both the certifications and the exam titles are  Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (ANSI) and Texial Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator.

As this is a dual certification course, two examinations will be conducted separately for each of the certifications where both certified ethical hacker and information security auditor exams will be of 4 hours duration.

Our Cyber Forensic training in Bangalore is a complete practical hands-on learning where the practical sessions will be on real-time Labs.

Texial being a cyber security knowledge body is accredited by EC-Council.

As Texial’s Certified Cyber forensic Security is a practical real-time examination and CHFI is an online platform examination there is room to review your answers before submitting.

Give a call to your relationship Manager a week before to Schedule Exam or Contact us at 98866 55699

All of our professional trainers are Certified Information Security Auditor with enormous experience in Ethical Hacking training in Bangalore and IT specialist in the areas of cybersecurity and IT service and architecture. Each of them has undergone a diligent selection process that includes profile screening, technical analysis, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us.

The Texial’s Cyber Forensic course in Bangalore is a completely live and practical sessions where there is room to clarify any related doubts and one will acquire live real hacking experience.

CHFI- v10 Training in Bangalore, India

Bangalore is widely regarded as the “Silicon Valley of India” (or “IT capital of India”) because of its role as the nation’s leading information technology (IT) exporter. Bangalore being demographically a diverse city is the second-fastest-growing major metropolis in India. Bangalore urban’s metro economy has ranked it to be the fourth most productive metro area of India resulting in Bangalore being the home for many educational institutes and industrial sectors.

CHFI v10 cyber forensic course in Bangalore being a keystone of the dynamic cyber defense, an industry that is important to all industries around the globe. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator are requisite to the health of an organization’s security and are becoming a mandatory addition to every company’s IT team. Cyber Forensic and Digital forensic professionals use penetration testing to find out vulnerabilities in computer systems or organization’s networks. This indispensable skill offers Computer Hacking forensic Investigator to be in high demand. The CHFIv10 course is accompanied by an EC-Council certificate, which ranks the level of potential employers in this competitive world. Texial is an accredited training partner of the EC-Council and offers a CHFIv10 course, Cyber Forensic training in Bangalore that is designed by industry experts. If you’re looking up for a CHFI v10 certification course in Bangalore, Texial’s learning delivery model combines the personal inspiration of live classroom instruction with the reinforcement of relevant practical projects. Let Texial help you make the most of your current or future cybersecurity career with a concerted training course for CHFI v10 certification.

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