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Prospects of an Ethical Hacking Career in India

India’s economy is surging but the job market still bears a lull. As per ManpowerGroup’s Employment Survey, the net employment outlook of India stood at only 18% as of the latter half of 2017. While the IT and engineering sectors are witnessing a stagnancy, there are few career choices that are booming. Ethical hacking and cyber security. In this blog, we present you the prospects of an ethical hacking career in India.

An Overview of Ethical Hacking

‘Hacking’ is a term that needs no introduction. But, while one associates the act of hacking with all things bad, there’s one form of hacking that is legitimate. And that’s ‘Ethical Hacking’ or what is more popularly known as ‘Penetration Testing’.

Ethical hackers belong to the good category of nerds. They use the same methods and tools for breaking into a system or network as malicious hackers. In doing so, they are actually analyzing its security vulnerabilities and susceptibility to a possible hacking or data breach. Therefore, ethical hackers deliberately hack into systems to avoid the possibilities of data thefts, cyberwarfare, identity thefts, and other cybercrimes.

The Scope of Work of Ethical Hackers

An ethical hacking career at present is a highly lucrative one. And in the following sections, you shall understand why? But first, let’s delve a little more into what ethical hackers do? Here’s an overview of what an ethical hacker career is all about.

1. Identification of Security Vulnerabilities:

Ethical hacking involves the assessment and identification of security vulnerabilities in the network and system infrastructure. Consequently, it sheds light on whether one can exploit these vulnerabilities to conduct malicious activities or gain unauthorized access.

2. Thinking from the Malicious Hacker’s Perspective:

Ethical hackers try their level best to dodge an organization’s IT security and break into systems/networks as would a malicious or ‘black hat’ hacker. This requires them to use the same expertise, skills, and methods as their unscrupulous counterparts.

3. Personal Gain is Not an Ethical Hacker’s Objective:

Unlike malicious hackers, the sole objective of ethical hacking is to identify and document all security vulnerabilities. Enterprises look up to ethical hackers to obtain feedback on how to fortify their network and cyber security.

4. Providing Countermeasures:

An ethical hacking career requires spotting security vulnerabilities in system configurations, and the available hardware and software. Additionally, it also involves finding operational weaknesses in an organization’s IT framework along with providing countermeasures.

Prospects of an Ethical Hacking Career in India

As you would have realized by now, organizations are in dire need of ethical hackers who not only shield them from organized cybercrime groups but also help in evaluating their cyber security preparedness. Thus, it is a very lucrative time for ethical hackers in India.

At present, ethical hackers are an essential element of the IT security of organizations in India as well as abroad. However, at present, there is a massive gap between the demand and the supply of ethical hackers, especially in India. Hence, the scope for an ethical hacking fresher is worthwhile and is sure to translate into a steady career growth.

The Gaps in the Supply & Demand of Skilled Cyber Security Professionals

Cybercrimes and those executing these malicious attacks are growing more sophisticated and aggressive by the day. However, the teams keeping such attacks are bay are increasingly falling short of skilled manpower.

Experts estimate the cyber security marketplace to grow up to 35 billion USD by 2025. As per a NASSCOM report, India would require nearly 1 million cyber security professionals by 2020.

These figures clearly reveal the gigantic shortage of skilled cyber security experts versus the demand existing for them. In fact, the demand is expected to grow higher with enterprises and government establishments being increasingly targeted with more severe cyber attacks!

Who Recruits Ethical Hackers?

Ethical hacking careers are flourishing. Certified ethical hackers are in huge demand as their work entails finding the flaws in an enterprise’s systems and network. If you are a certified ethical hacker, you can join the government or a private organization as a cyber security expert/specialist.

At present, IT companies are the main recruiters of ethical hackers. The much sought-after companies such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra, IBM etc. are seeking good ethical hackers. The profiles that are on offer include Security Executive, Web Security Manager/Administrator, Network Security Administrator, Network Security Systems Manager and much more.

However, an ethical hacking career is not limited to IT companies. Retail chains, airlines, BFSI industries, hospitality chains, and several other industries also recruit cyber security experts.

A qualified ethical hacker can also start their own business to provide ethical hacking training and services.

Ethical Hacking Career in the Government

Government agencies such as law enforcement agencies, military, defense organizations, forensic science laboratories, detective companies, investigative services offer stimulating roles for ethical hackers.

Some highly-skilled hackers also work with investigation agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the National Security Agency (NSA), National Investigative Agency (NIA) and the Federal Bureau of Information (FBI).

Pay Packages of Certified Ethical Hackers

It is not just the career opportunities but also the remunerations of ethical hackers that have witnessed a significant jump.

A fresher is ethical hacking can earn a minimum of ₹ 3.5 lakh per annum. Initially one has to work as a trainee or assistant till he/she gets enough experience to be an ethical hacker on his own. Experienced ethical hacking professionals can expect a package up to ₹ 5.5 lakh per annum. Furthermore, those having a work experience of more than three to five years or more can take home a salary of 10-12 lakh per annum.

Should You Choose an Ethical Hacking Career?

Cyber security is one of the most critical apprehensions of organizations and nations these days. At present, the increase in the number of cybercrime cases such as data theft, hacking, online harassment etc. is distressing. This calls for a higher demand for ethical hackers who are our protectors against the malicious cyber conmen.

Being an ethical hacker or a white hat hacker, you can hack into systems or networks legitimately. As an ethical hacker, you shall try to penetrate the networks, find the vulnerabilities in the security systems and fix them before a malicious genius can take an advantage of it. You shall have the privilege of being a part of the cyber security defense force of the nation.

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