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Top Cyber Forensics Courses in India – Prospects of a Career in Cyber Forensics

The ever-increasing frequency of conducting most personal and professional activities online has resulted in a boom in cyber crimes. The use of computers and/or mobiles are must in executing computer-based crimes or cyber crimes. Thus, the need for cyber and digital forensics experts are on the rise. Explore the prospects of a career in Cyber Forensics in this blog.

Online credit/debit card frauds, email scamsmobile-based frauds, ransomware attacks, software piracy, and identity thefts have become an everyday occurrence.

Indians are quite vulnerable to cyber crimes such as online scams, phishing (fraudulent web links, emails), ransomware, network attacks, Nigerian Scams and online matrimonial frauds. Thus, jobs in cyber forensics are blooming. The need for cyber forensics and cyber security experts is at the highest ever!

Some Nerve-Racking Facts

According to a survey by Symantec, India ranks 3rd among nations facing the maximum cyber threats.

The same survey shows that India ranks 2nd in the world in terms of targeted cyber attacks!

In fact, ever since the cryptocurrency fever has gripped the nation, a new form of cyber crime has come into the picture.

Did you know that for crypto mining activities, India ranks 2nd in the Asia-Pacific Japan (APJ) region and 9th globally?

Cryptominers steal power usage for computer processing from enterprises and consumers to mine cryptocurrencies. This new form of cyber crime involving cryptocurrencies can slow down devices, overheat batteries and in rare cases, render devices inoperative.

Now you know why jobs in cyber forensics are witnessing an upsurge!

What is Cyber Forensics?

Cyber Forensics, also known as computer forensics, plays a crucial role in the investigation of cyber offenses and online frauds. It involves the extraction and analysis of digital evidence such as an electronic document, computer, laptop, and storage mediums such as USB drives, hard disks etc.

Cyber Forensics is one of the branches of Digital Forensics that deals with the extraction, preservation, and inspection of any such device that has a storage memory and basic computing power. Cyber Forensics experts are proficient in the extraction of existing or deleted information from a storage or computing device for conducting investigations.

The Scope of Cyber Forensics Courses in India

As already stated above, cyber forensics courses in India are gaining increasing popularity among students. This is due to the rapid rise in incidents of online and mobile phone frauds. The following prime objectives form the basis of cyber forensics courses in India:

• Knowledge of the approach and methods of cyber crime investigations

• Understanding the defensive measures of damage control in response to cyber attacks

• Knowledge of the proactive methods of avoiding cyber crimes

• Recognizing the clues to identify and prevent potential cyber attacks

• Learning the various types of risks involved in computerized and networking operations

Who is Eligible for Cyber Forensics Courses in India?

Cyber Forensics or Computer Forensics is the application of Computer Science for assisting in the legal and criminal justice system. A graduate in Computer Science, Information Technology or Computer Applications is most eligible for Cyber Forensics courses in India. A Cyber Forensics professional needs to pursue a post-graduation in Cyber Forensics or a certification in Information or Cyber Security.

Topics Covered in a Typical Cyber Forensics Course

The following section shall provide you an in-depth insight into the topics that are usually taught to budding cyber forensics experts during their training in Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security & Cyber Law.

Basics of Cyber Forensics: An Introduction to Computer History and Computers, Windows & DOS Prompt Commands, Computer Input-Output Devices, Software & Hardware Classification, Basics of Computer Terminology, Computer Storage, Network, Internet, Mobile Forensics, Computer Ethics, Computer Application Programs, Introduction to Computer Forensics, Fundamentals of Storage, Concepts of File System, Operating System Software, Data Recovery, and Basic Terminology

Fundamentals of Cyber Laws: Introduction to Cyber Crimes and the IT Laws governing them. This includes Cyber Laws associated with intellectual property issues and cyberspace – Hacking, Software Piracy, Virus Attacks, Malware, Cyber Pornography, Cyber Harassment, Email Scams, Social Engineering, DDoS attacks etc.

Fundamentals of Data Recovery: Introduction to the Methods and Tools for Extraction & Recovery of deleted files, cache files, temporary files and formatted partition from computers and storage devices, Ethics and Procedures for Data Recovery, Preservation and Handling of Digital Evidence, Analysis of complete timeline of Digital Files, File Access and Modification, Documentation of Chain of Custody, Recovery of Internet Usage Data, and Introduction to various Digital Forensic Toolkits

Cyber Investigations: Introduction to various methods and tools used for Cyber Forensics Investigations, e-Discovery, Collection and Preservation of Digital Evidence, Email Recovery, Tracking & Investigation, IP Tracking, Methods of Encryption and Decryption, Seizure and Search of Computers and Digital Storage Devices, Password Cracking, and Extraction of Deleted Digital Evidence

Introduction to Cyber Security: Basic of Cyber Security, Software and Hardware-Based Security Measures, Knowledge of Firewalls and Security Standards, Analysis of Threat Levels, Reporting Cyber Crimes, Formation of Incident Response Team, Knowledge of Operating System and Application Attacks, Financial Frauds, Cracking Techniques and Reverse Engineering

Top Cyber Forensics Courses in India

1. Texial Cyber Security :

It is an institute offering corporate, cyber security, ethical hacking, cyber forensics courses in India. Following are the Cyber Forensics courses/certifications offered by them:

• Short-Term Certification Course in Cyber Forensics such as Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator – CHFI, Ethical Hacking – CEH Certification
• Advanced Certification in Information Security and Cyber Forensics
• PG Certification in Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security & Cyber Law
• Universal Certification in Information Securit and Cyber forensics, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Security & Cyber Law

2. Indian School of Ethical Hacking:

This institute seeks to impart knowledge on IT security to engineering graduates and working professionals. They are one of the top institutes offering cyber forensics courses in India. Following are the Cyber Forensics Courses/Certifications offered by them:

• Certified Ethical Hacker Certification
• Network Penetration Testing Expert
• Professional Certification in Computer Forensics

3. Gujarat Forensic Sciences University:

The Gujarat Forensic Sciences University is renowned as the world’s first and only University established exclusively for forensic science and its allied branches. If you are interested in pursuing cyber forensics courses in India, you may consider the following courses that they offer:

• MSc in Digital Forensics and Information Assurance
• M.Tech in Cyber Security and Incident Response
• IBA/RBI Approved Certified Information Security Professional Course (Cyber Security)
• Certificate Diploma in Cyber Crime Investigation (Only for Government Law Enforcement Agencies)
• Certificate Diploma in Cyber Security

4. SRM University:

While SRM University is a well-known name among engineering aspirants, not many are aware that they are one of the top colleges offering cyber forensics courses in India. Following are the Cyber Forensics Courses offered by them:

• M.Tech in Information Security and Computer Forensics

5. IIIT Delhi (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology):

The Cybersecurity Education and Research Centre is a specialized cell in IIIT Delhi that provides cyber security training and cyber forensics courses in India.

• M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Information Security and Cyber Forensics

In case you are not game for full-time cyber forensics courses in India, you can pursue certification programs such as CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator), CCFP (Certified Cyber Forensics Professional), EnCE (EnCase Certified Examiner), Certified Forensic Security Responder (CFSR) and much more.

Prospects of Jobs in Cyber Forensics

As already stated before, cyber or computer forensics professionals are in great demand these days due to the rising cyber crime incidents. There is a high demand for Computer Forensics graduates in Law Enforcement Agencies in India and foreign nations.

Although Computer Forensics is still in its formative years in India, the employment opportunities for such professionals are witnessing a surge. In fact, most companies are looking forward to hiring Cyber Forensics experts to monitor cyber frauds within their premises. Computer Forensics professionals are also hired to help strengthen the data and information security of an organization.

Some typical examples of jobs in cyber forensics are Computer Forensics Investigator, Computer Forensics Technician, Digital Forensics Specialist, Computer Forensics Analyst, Computer Forensics Specialist etc.

Government Jobs in Cyber Forensics

Professionals trained in Cyber Forensics can also provide training and education to students in various private and public colleges. Additionally, they also have a shot at bagging a job at one of the many Central Forensic Science Laboratories located PAN India.

Expectations from a Cyber Forensics Professional

A computer forensics investigator building a career in cyber forensics must have a robust understanding of the legal and ethical issues concerning digital forensics. A computer forensics professional needs to have a strong knowledge and understanding of the tools used for digital forensic examination. He/she is also expected to be proficient in the recovery, preservation, and analysis of all forms of digital evidence.

Interested in a career in Cyber Forensics? Computer or Cyber Forensics professionals typically work round-the-clock. In case of an emergency, some enterprises may require such specialists to be on-call even beyond work hours and during weekends.

Texial – A Center for Cyber Forensics Training and Cyber Crime Investigations

Texial is a private forensic science laboratory in India that has offices in Chennai and Bangalore. Supported by a repertoire of digital forensics experts from premier institutes and industry mavens, Texial Lab is now the pioneer in conducting cyber crime investigations and providing cyber forensics training in India.

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