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The Next Big Career in India – Become an Ethical Hacker

Do malware, DDoS attacks, or computer viruses trigger your curiosity and enthusiasm? If yes, then you might want to consider becoming a certified ethical hacker, or what is also known as ‘penetration tester’ or ‘what-hat hacker’. But the question ringing in your mind would be how to become an ethical hacker in India? And where to get ethical hacking training in India? This blog will answer all these questions.

Cyber Security Needs as Much Importance as Border Security of Nations

Security is a crucial issue in today’s world. But, not only in the physical space but also in the cyber space. This is because cyber attacks are growing more malicious and sophisticated by the day. In the present times, one malicious malware or a DDoS attack can bring down an entire nation.

Remember the effects of ransomware, WannaCry, which literally made the strongest of the nations across the world CRY!

WannaCry affected nearly 300,000 computers across 150 countries and locked up critical files in systems powered by MS Windows.

Cybercrimes Can Devastate Complete Nations

American business tycoon, Warren Buffet, forecasts cyber attacks as threats that shall soon be graver than nuclear attacks to mankind.

As per a research by Microsoft, a data breach costs an average company nearly $3.8 million! In fact, a cybercrime can potentially cost global communities a whopping $500 billion!!!

Need we say more about why organizations and nations across the globe should prioritize cyber security? Therefore, a certified ethical hacker is in great demand in organizations these days.
Become an ethical hacker and join the army of Cyber Security professionals standing guard to keep cyber attacks at bay!

Global Cybercrime Damage

The Growth of Ethical Hacking

Hacking or breaking into computer systems was once a leisure or entertainment for geeks. However, now it has turned into a full-fledged career option. Hacking is an offense. Sure. But it is ETHICAL when done under an agreement between the ethical hacker and the organization.

A certified ethical hacker is someone who has the LEGAL consent, permission or authorization break into systems or networks. The intent is to identify potential vulnerabilities and make them stronger and penetration-proof.

Need for Ethical Hackers is Proportional to the Rise in Cybercrimes

At present, there is a distressing increase in the number of cyber crimes such as data breach, hacking, malware and virus attacks etc. in India and the world. Consequently, this has increased the requirement of an ethical hacker who is a computer network’s knight in shining armor.

Do you also harbor the zeal to protect networks and computing systems from devastating cyber attacks? Then don’t waste any more time knowing all about ethical hacking training in India.

Knowing a Certified Ethical Hacker Up, Close & Personal

An ethical hacker is a computer expert who legally hacks into a computer system or network. By doing so, he/she is actually identifying the loopholes in an individual’s, organization’s or nation’s IT infrastructure. Hence, ethical hackers ensure that the individual, organization or nation is well defended against malicious cyber attacks in the future.

An ethical hacker demonstrates a strong passion for preventing and solving problems. This helps them safeguard an organization’s IT infrastructure from malicious hackers. The duty of a certified ethical hacker is two-fold. First, to report the loopholes in the security system of an organization. Second, to provide the corresponding solutions to protect the network as well as their systems.

An Ethical Hacker is a Highly Skilled IT Professional

The other names used for ethical hacking are penetration testing, red teaming or intrusion testing. Technically speaking, ethical hackers are highly skilled IT professionals. They are well versed in computer and networking algorithms and their functions.

Computer or Cyber security is a burning global issue and it’s the job of an ethical hacker to make the cyber space safe, now and forever. Currently, an ethical hacking training in India can open your doors to premier organizations and a hefty pay package!

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

Are you an IT or a digital/cyber forensics graduate? Or, maybe a Computer Science engineer? No? Well, no worries! Whether you are one or all of the above, or not, you can still become a certified ethical hacker. All that you need is a never-ending passion to decrypt codes and encryptions.

Wish to become an ethical hacker in India?

A number of courses and certifications are available for cyber security and ethical hacking training in India. These courses provide learners with an all-rounded overview of ethical hacking. Right from how hacking occurs and the types of cyber attack to understand the modus operandi of malicious hackers.

What to Expect from Yourself If You Wish to Become an Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hacking involves a great deal of problem-solving, as well as good communication skills. It is all about the art of balance. First of all, it needs a balance of intelligence and common sense, and of strong technical and organizational skills. Furthermore, you need to strike the perfect balance between lending an opinion and keeping your calm in a demanding situation.

When you become an ethical hacker, you need to get into the shoes of a black hat or corrupt hacker. Above all, you need to think like a malicious hacker to identify their nefarious goals and understand the extent of their unscrupulous skills and methods.

A Promise of Discipline and Honesty

One expects an ethical hacker to stay on the legit side of hacking. You need to know your boundaries and maintain discipline and honesty in your approach. You CANNOT engage yourself in unethical hacking activities and must also protect the intellectual property of others.

As part of EC Council’s ethical hacking certification, candidates need to maintain the Council’s code of ethics and never support unethical hackers or malicious activities.

What Education to Pursue to Become an Ethical Hacker?

There are no standard education criteria to become an ethical hacker in India. Every organization in India has the freedom to enforce its own requirements as far as a Penetration Tester or Ethical Hacker is concerned. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Information Security, Computer Science, Forensic Science or even Mathematics, provides a strong foundation for an aspirant to pursue an ethical hacking training or career.

For those who aren’t college bound, a military background, especially in intelligence, can help your resume get noticed by hiring managers of various MNC’s. Military service is also a plus-point for employers who prefer those with security clearances.

You can also check the below website if you want to become Certified Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacking Certifications

What is the Certified Ethical Hacking Training?

A certified ethical hacker is a professional certified by the EC- Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) to use hacking legally for penetrating testing. The EC-Council awards this certificate on the successful qualification of the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) examination. Most importantly, the CEH certificate is globally renowned and well accepted by various organizations around the world.

The EC-Council usually recommends a five-day CEH training class for aspirants without prior work experience. To do well in the course, aspirants should have Linux and Windows systems administration skills, familiarity with TCP/IP and working knowledge of virtualization platforms. However, candidates can also indulge in self-study to get a grasp of the topics and perform well in the examination.

Becoming an Ethical Hacking Pro Requires a Constant Learning & Development

Achieving the CEH certification from the EC-Council is just a stepping stone to the world of learning and opportunities waiting for you.

The intermediate-level CEH focuses on system hacking, social engineering, enumeration, SQL injection, worms, Trojans, viruses and other forms or types of attack, including denial of service (DoS). Additionally, the aspirant must also demonstrate the knowledge of cryptography, penetration testing, firewalls, honey pots and much more.

Thinking that the CEH is not your cup of tea?

Multiple other short-term courses, workshop, and training sessions in ethical hacking are also conducted by various Digital and Cyber Forensics Organizations, Research Centers, and Institutes. By obtaining a relevant certification in ethical hacking, one can set his/her foot in the digital forensics domain even in the absence of profuse hands-on experience.

Ethical Hacking Training in India by Texial

The Center for Cyber Security (Texial) is an organization founded with the vision cater to the cyber security needs of the nation. Texial offers certified ethical hacking training in India at its Bangalore head office.

If you have the passion, Texial can help you nurture your dream of becoming an ethical hacker. Texial provides ethical hacking training certified by the EC-Council at its state-of-the-art digital forensics laboratory in Bangalore.

Drive your passion to become an Ethical Hacker with Texial.


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