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Texial Forensics Expert

An Incident Based Approach
to Cyber Forensics

Analyze the nature of cybercrimes to track down the perpetrators and restore the damages

Be a Texial Cyber Investigator

Become a Cyber Forensics Expert

With more and more people using internet-based serves across the globe, the risk of a data breach has increased manifold. The past couple of years have seen cyberattacks increase in scale and audacity, as hackers grow bolder with each passing month. In the aftermath of an attack, it is extremely important to assess the damage and learn its causes. This is where cyber forensics comes into play.

The Texial Certified Cyber Forensic course is a comprehensive program that consists of theoretical as well as practical training sessions to give students a hands-on learning experience in analyzing computer systems in the aftermath of a cyberattack and discern their causation.

At the Front lines Investigating Against Cyber Crimes

Our Modes of training

Online Training

Classroom Training

Corporate Training


Course Curriculum

Texial Forensics Expert

Cyber Forensics comprises of all the activities that are used to analyze the nature of cyberattacks and discern the factors that allowed them to happen, in addition to finding the perpetrators responsible.

Learn Digital Forensic Acquisitions

Recovery Of Deleted Files And Partitions In Popular Computing Environments, Including Windows, Linux, And Mac OS

Performing Advanced Forensic Tools And Techniques For Attack Reconstruction

Identify, Track, Analyze And Defend Against The Latest And Nastiest Network, Email, Mobile, Wireless And Web Attack

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Introduction To Computer Forensics

ethical hacking course icon2 323232

Phases Of Computer Forensics

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File Systems And Format

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Operating System Forensic

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Why Should You Choose TFI?

Practical Training

Every Individual Will Get Complete Hands-On Training Across The Core And Specialization Modules To Build Mastery Across Multiple Cyber Security Areas

Innovative Approaches

Individual Module Practical Exams Allow You To Test Yourself On The Knowledge Of Each Module Of The Program.

Realtime Challanges

For Each Of The Core Module, Every Individual Will Be Assigned To Some Challenges Based On Real-Life Industry Case Study.


Get An Industry Recognized Certificate From Texial Cyber Security


I studied ethical hacking at Texial this year. Our trainer had worked with the police and real cases and we got to practice using all the tools used by professionals in actual criminal cases. It was highly interactive and the trainers devote individual attention to each student. It was very exciting to work on simulations of cyberattacks and practice rapid response.
I applied for Texial’s penetration testing course and got invaluable exposure to hacking techniques used in actual attacks. The trainers taught me to think from a hacker’s perspective, which enabled comprehensive penetration testing. Trainers are highly knowledgable and available to answer any queries.
Guru Raj Naik
System Admin
I took up Texial’s expert hacker course and got to work on the latest cybersecurity innovations. The course provides well-rounded training on testing new hacking techniques and teaches ideal incident response. Trainers are highly experienced and provide individual attention to each student’s requirements.
Mike Stuart


Most frequent questions and answers
There is no minimum educational qualification for attending the Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, Any individual with basic Computer knowledge.
Yes, we provide students with job assistance though, we do not have any particular placement cell, However, if you required we may help you in making your resume & send them to the companies who are hiring.
No, you have to know the basics of computer knowledge. Else, we recommend you do learn basics of Computer and Internet.
For a group of 3 or more, we offer a 05% discount

Hackers Never stops
Neither Do we.

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