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We Are On A Mission To Make Nation Basic Framework To Be Strong By Providing Cyber Security Awareness And Cyber Crime Investigation.


A Threat Detection Solution for Law Enforcement & Intelligence

Cybercrime has become a pervasive threat in the 21st century. Hackers have targeted several industries across numerous countries, causing millions of dollars in damages and disruption. It has become clear that digital security has become paramount and law enforcement agencies must treat cybercrime as seriously as conventional crimes. 

Threat Detection and Prediction

Integrated Threat Prediction

Cyber Security Training & Awareness Program

Threat Detection and Prediction

The ability to predict threats offers greater leverage in preventing them. Our experts at Texial conduct thorough analysis and examination of existing digital security measures to highlight vulnerabilities that hackers may find and exploit. In doing so, we enable a preventive and proactive form of cybersecurity, rather than a reactive one. 

Texial’s Threat Detection and Prediction services for Law Enforcement and Intelligence equip investigators to make the internet safer.

Predict Prevent Protect

Predictive Policing

A large population and limited government resources have severely limited the capabilities of India’s police and judiciary. The solution to this problem is artificial intelligence powered predictive policing.

Texial’s tools and expertise with regard to the assessment of criminal data and existing systems help the authorities to predict the likelihood of crime before it happens and allocate required resources to handle it. This prevents damages and disruption and improves overall security.


Cyber Security Training

Texial is dedicated to making the internet safer. We collaborate with law enforcement agencies to provide crucial training for police personnel to combat cybercrime. Additionally, Texial also helps the police to establish digital security and forensic labs for continued training and enhancement. 

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Cyber Security Training program
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Cyber Security Awareness program

Lets Fight together against Cyber Threats

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