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Security and Training Solution for Schools and Universities

Cybersecurity Is One Of The Most Important Lines Of Security In Today’s World. So All The Companies And Institutions Are Working Towards Cyber Security For Protecting Their Data Online And To Secure Themselves From Any Upcoming Cyber Threats.

A Threat Detection and Compliance Solution for Education Industry

Growing internet penetration coupled with digitization have made educational institutions a prime target for cybercriminals. A university’s servers store all the information about students, faculty, and data about academic performance. As a result, hackers might alter this information for personal benefit or large scale disruption.

Threat Detection & Response Guidance

Integrated Threat Prediction

Cyber Security Training & Awareness Program

Threat Detection & Response Guidance

As more people have started using various types of internet-based services, the adoption of technology has spread to several industries, including that of education. Educational institutions have been increasingly digitizing their operations and documentations.

While this is beneficial for administrative purposes, it creates exploitable vulnerabilities for cybercriminals. Educational institutions might suffer a breach of data pertaining to student performance and faculty information. 

Additionally, sophisticated attacks may cause question papers to be leaked, alter student grades and tamper with transcript information. Texial’s Threat Detection and Response Guidance helps institutions secure their digital infrastructure and prevent disruption & fraud.

Predict Prevent Protect

Integrated Threat Predication

Prevention is better than cure. The same holds true for cybersecurity. The only way to be able to prevent cyberattacks is to be able to predict them. Prediction requires a thorough analysis of existing digital infrastructure to highlight vulnerabilities that hackers might exploit.


Cyber Security Training

Texial undertakes comprehensive training sessions for the IT staff at educational institutions. Training in cybersecurity help in establishing measures and also enables a rapid response to attacks.

Furthermore, Texial also collaborates with institutions to establish Centers of Excellence (COE). Our COEs are designed to provide cutting-edge training in cybersecurity and digital forensics to interested candidates. Texial’s certified courses have industry-wide recognition and enable the candidates to pursue lucrative careers in computer security.

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Cyber Security Training program
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Cyber Security Awareness program

Get A Seminar On Cyber Security In Your College/University