Top 10 Data Breach Attacks – Recent Cyber Attacks

What is Data Breach?

Data breach is a phase used for illegal possession or access to any personal information.

A data breach can be successful through various means such as shoulder surfing, dumpster diving, physical heist, social engineering, etc. The method of affecting a data breach include phishing, hacking, skimming, vishing and many more.

A one would wild guess, the loss of individually identifiable data or any critical data that has a huge value. Lost and stolen data cost an individual or organization nearly $ 141 USD. Here, you will also find some of the recent data breaches in 2018 have bad effects on organizations which took down their name and reputation.



What happened: Despite the warning by the cybersecurity experts in August 2017 the Panera IT team failed to act until 8 months. later when the leak was exposed they took down the site for security maintenance.


Target: customer accounts.
Victims: 37 million.
Data leaks: Names, email and physical addresses, and the last four digits of the customers’ credit card numbers
Time Span: April 2018.


What happened: Cybergang Magecart hacked into an online retailer who had his credit card skimming code info in his website. Whenever a payment was made the payment directly was transferred to Magecart’s C&C.


Target: Newegg online shoppers.
Victims: 50 million.
Data leaks: Credit card info.
Time Span: August 14, 2018 – September 18, 2018.

8.Elastic search:

What happened: The above-mentioned data breach had happened in spite of a regular audit of security. Later they found out that around 80 million records of sensitive info had me breached. But it is still officially unknown about the attackers.


Target: Online businesses across the internet
Victims: 82 million.
Data leaks: Employers, and job titles. From businesses — names, company details, zip codes, carrier routes, email addresses, latitudes/longitudes, census tracts, phone numbers, web addresses, employee count, revenue numbers, NAICS codes, SIC codes, and more.
Time Span: November 14, 2018.


What happened: Cambridge Analytical scandal where the data collecting firm illegally harvested. Though the breach happened a couple of years ago, it’s only now the investigatory results have come out.


Target: Users of Facebook.
Victims: 87 million.
Data leaks: Profile info, friend networks, political beliefs, and private messages.
Time Span: December 2018.


What happened: genealogy site was alerted by the cybersecurity analyst in June 2018 that an outside server has been discovered with sensitive info of the company. It claimed that account holders who signed up earlier than October 26, 2017, has to change their password and they are at risk.

myheritage logo

Target: Users of MyHeritage.
Victims: 92 million.
Data leaks: Hashed passwords and email addresses.
Time Span: June 2018.


What happened: Site reports that a third party had gained unauthorized access to one of their systems. Expressing no further details.


Target: Users of Quora.
Victims: 100 million.
Data leaks: Names, email addresses, public, and non-public actions, hashed passwords, and profile data.
Time Span: December 2018.

4. Under Armour:

What happened: The food and nutrition app of the company was hacked, revealing up the above info to the hackers. But the company payment info was safe as they used a separate channel.


Target: Users of Myfitnesspal users
Victims: 150 million
Data leaks: User names, hashed passwords, email addresses.
Time Span: February 2018.

3.Exactis :

What happened: It was said that around 2 terabytes of data were been breached and was accessed by the public until it was discovered. It is still unknown who or how many people accessed the data before it was discovered.


Target: Bussiness and users over the internet.
Victims: 340 million
Data leaks: Names, email, and physical addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers, gender, travel info, accommodation info and, Credit Card details, birth dates, account info.
Time Span: June 2018.

2.Starwood :

What happened: Like any other official breach statement, hotel Marriott claimed “unauthorized access” in its servers. But the recent reports have proven that the breach may have been done by the Chinese government for political purposes.

starwood logo

Target: Guest at Starwood
Victims: 500 million
Data leaks: Names, email, and physical addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers, birth dates, account info, gender, travel info, accommodation info and, Credit Card details.
Time Span: Found September 10, 2018.

1.Aadhar :

What happened: Despite being informed by a cybersecurity expert in August 2017 that the website had a bug which was leaking data, website it team was neglected to fix the bug for 8 months. Later when the leak was known to people and took down the site for security maintenance.

aadhar card logo

Target: All account on
Victims: 37 million
Data leaks: Names, last four digits of the customers’ credit card numbers and email and physical addresses.
Time Span: Unveiled in April 2018

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Data Breaches.

  • Breathe and read.
  • Monitor billing and financial statements.
  • Check your credit report.
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Keep Security Software Up-To-Date.

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