Samy Kamkar bio | but most of all, Samy is my hero

Samy Kamkar bio | but most of all, Samy is my hero

In the world of web where every device is connected, it has become the hub of storing information, and that pull the hackers towards to inject some malicious code to the system to gain access to the desired information and this can only be done by a hacker. One of our favorites is Samy Kamkar, here is his story

About him

He is born on December 10, 1985, is an American privacy and security researcher and entrepreneur, at the age of 16, he dropped out of high school and one year later, co-founded Fonality, a unified communications company based on open source software which raised over $46 million invested in private funding, he is probably one of the best known for creating and releasing the widely spreading virus of all time. The Myspace worm samy and being subsequently raided for it by US secret services. He is also known for creating malware SkyJack, a custom drone which hacks into all the nearby Parrot drones allowing them to be controlled by its operator and for creating the Evercookie which appeared in a top-secret NSA document revealed by Edward Snowden and on the front page of the New York Times and also known for his work with The Wall Street Journal and his discovery of the illicit mobile phone hacking

A greatest hacking moment in hacking history 

MySpace is the number one site on the internet at this time since 2005 and even surpassed all known services, he was 19 years old when he had set up a profile and playing around on the website to see if any issue like finding vulnerability in the website and browser, there allowed him to break code and put it in his profile which gives a ton of power to control the person’s browser, what happens actually is when a person visits his profile he adds him as a friend but the code then will replicate to the person’s profile so anyone who visits the profile will add Kamkar as a friend to the profile after the code run in their browser. From there it became a worm.

The next day he woke up in the morning, he checked his account and he got nearly 10,000 friends newly added and exponentially the next hour he got 49,999 friends. He decided to delete his profile and got a pop up message like “your profile will be deleting in 24 hours” meanwhile the worm continued to spread across the network and the list of his friends hit 1 million people and this happened in less than 24hours, later he did refresh the page and a message popped out “ This profile has been taken down “, he felt happy when he browsed to his girlfriend profile and it says “ This profile has been taken down “, and he was like oooooooh noooo!

He went afterward to and it shows “Oops! Sorry ! the website you are looking for is unavailable “ he felt terrible and thought that he should drive over MySpace brings some coffee and donuts and said hey guys am so sorry, can I help?

A few hours later he checked the website is backed. He taught that some cops will catch him. He bought a car after 6 months and walking down to this garage of his apartment and the elevator opened, he saw some people with their guns standing next to his car walking down towards him and they took him to his apartment and they checked every electronic devices and chip then they left without arresting him.

He was raided by the US Secret Service for releasing the worm after being presented with a plea bargain for no prison time but he had to pay a fine of 20,000 dollars and serving 3 years of probation and working 720 hours of community service, he pled guilty to a felony charge of computer hacking in superior court of Los Angeles.

He was just allowed to keep a single computer without access to the internet during his sentence and later he started doing independent computer security and privacy research and consulting. He demonstrated some vulnerabilities in VISA, MasterCard and Europay credit cards with NFC and RFID chips built in and released software to demonstrate the ability to steal credit card information including credit card number, name, and expiration date wirelessly from these cards. He traveled the many countries speaking about his mobile security research and vulnerabilities he discovered from his cryptanalysis of the PHP programing language, including speaking at some of the largest annual hacker conventions in the world such as ToorCon, Black Hat Briefings, and DEF CON.



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