Learn Ethical Hacking: A Complete guide on Cyber security

Always wanted to be a Cyber Security Expert?

Here is a complete Guide to learn ethical hacking from beginning

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no idea about how to get started with ethical hacking and cyber security?

You watched a movie or read an article and you have got impressed by this domain?

Tried searching in internet about how to start in this domain?

Do you have no technical background?

You have watched some tutorials and you had no idea what was running in the black terminal?

Were you wondering whether is it too late to start this career?

In this blog, I am going to tackle these questions of how would you like to get started in ethical hacking

Let’s imagine how this work would look like?

The type of work that you will be doing as an ethical hacker, let me say that no two days are the same when you are an ethical hacker, it is not like other professions where you go in day-in-day-out 9-5 and the work you do is the same from day to day. As an ethical hacker it is your job to stay up to speed on current technologies, tactics of the bad guys, network defense members, and blue team members are looking to you to actually keep a thumb on the pulse of the nefarious activities that are happening in the internet so that your job is extremely varied, there is a lot of new things that you will be learning along the way when you decide to be a Texial Certified Hacker (TCH). It is not only to learn the tools and techniques and methods of attackers but you are actually signing up to understand a way of learning and the way of improving your knowledge.

You are not only learning a new way of working and approaching your work, but there are also actually tangible benefits. But I think there are a lot of misconceptions about how to get into this field and try to explain now why.

How do I get started?

Maybe you think there is some kind of shortcut or at least a very efficient path, you hope a professional or experienced person can easily tell you about a clear path to success.

I certainly had exactly those thoughts several years ago, I got frustrated why nobody would write down a clear guide, I felt somewhat entitled that I decided to get into this and I just need some guidance and clear path or mentoring to follow and reach my goal.

But the bitter truth is: there is no efficient path!!! What? Yes, you just need to go through. So if you think that somehow it would be easier, it does not so forget it. Nobody could lay out a path to doing this and that, to be honest, there is no secret step by step guide!

It is not a straight path but a web of interconnected topics, layers, and dependencies and you are free to walk and jump here and there wherever you want, it is traversing through a jungle of different topics, it is like a fractal or the coastline paradox, if you zoom in you will uncover even more complex lines and the truth is anything you do or learn is not wasted, believe me, it is all about experience that is accumulating over time then without noticing you become an experienced hacker, hacking is just IT stuff like programming and networking.

Maybe now you say hold on! Tell me your path clearly because that is the ultimate guide. Well, there are a few things I can mention, my path is also full of hard working and struggle all together made the person who I am currently, here a few checkpoints that certainly give some idea.

  • Learn more about computer science fundamentals
  • Linux
  • Networking
  • Cryptography
  • Databases
  • Programming
  • Join some hacker’s forums and IRC
  • Hbasics of electronics

And the list is endless.

If you ask me where to start, where should I point you to?

To be frank I have no answer for you!  You have to figure that out yourself! But one truth is there is no magical secret, yes no magical secret! You simply need to apply the knowledge that you gain about computers over years.

How do developer and hacker think?

Programmers/Developers use the same knowledge but just think differently, they think like “how can I make it work” but a hacker thinks like “how should you implement it so that that it is secure and what could a lazy programmer do wrong? “, “how can files be exposed? “, “how could I gain access without a password “, “how could I modify something that should not be modifiable? “

Truth is the more you understand how something is built, you can also think about how it could break. So I would say most of the things you should do is just learning about how computers work and by that, I mean learning a ton of different programming languages, frameworks, concepts and so forth.

Over the years you will gain a very good broad understanding of the domain.

Don’t think of hacking as anything crazy or special, it is based on exactly the same thing just with a bit different angle. BREAKING and not BUILDING!


It could be anyone from the student without any technical background to IT professional guy, no restriction at all!!!


This domain presents many benefits like helping any system owner or any business owner to find vulnerabilities before any attacker does in the way that the attacker would find if they were actually committing an attack that is why ethical hacking uses these attacker’s technics, tools, and approaches that an attacker use to take down the systems so it is quite useful for example to recover lost information, to perform penetration testing to strengthen computer and the network security and so on.


It also presents some dangers if it is done with harmful intention and it can cause something like a massive security breach, privacy violation, and unauthorized system access and so on and that will lead to jail.


It could be varied depending on the hack value like money extortion, fun, show off, damaging systems, testing and so on.

Future of ethical hacking?

In India, all the multinational corporation companies are interested to recruit ethical hackers, moreover when it comes to salary, it is much higher than other areas of IT especially when you have acquired a few years of experience and number of the requirement increased and some are not filled yet and it is the fastest growing industry where she/he can join government as well as private organizations however it is not limited only to IT companies but they are also required by financial service providers, airlines and so on

The well-known categories of hackers

Hackers can be classified into many categories like white, known also the ethical hacker and they have no intention to harm a system rather they try to find before the black category would find, black is the one who gains unauthorized access to a system and harms its operations, and the other category is grey, they are the one who blends of both white and black. In the other side, we have script kiddies who are the one to be a non-expert and try to use available automated tools to break into a system.

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