Firewall Management

Texial installs and manages a protective firewall for a company’s entire network

SIEM Solution

Receive real-time analysis of all security alerts generated by the systems and the network

Cyber Deception

Deception tools simulate real digital assets to deceive hackers who have gained unauthorized access to systems

Threat Detection

Texial’s Threat Detection software provides real-time detection of all types of cyber threats

Penetration Testing

Texial’s tool allows individuals and corporations to test the security of their own systems and networks

Vulnerability Management

Texial’s Vulnerability Management solution highlights all vulnerabilities in a company’s systems

Forensics Software

Forensics Software allows individuals and corporations to analyze the nature of cyber-attacks to prevent them in future

Busted | Login Bypass

Texial’s innovative software enables users to bypass login credentials and gain access to systems

Application Security

Texial’s solution allows companies to test the security of their applications

Data Loss Prevention

Texial’s innovative tool secures mission-critical data and prevents any kind of data loss

Privileged Access Management

Tools for managing access ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data and mission-critical assets

Busted | Universal Bug Detector

Secure all meetings with Texial’s Universal Bug Detector that lets users know about electronic eavesdropping