Incident response

Incident Response?

Why Incident response is necessary?

In the upcoming cyber threats, security breaches and data theft are underestimated by many organization that planning for potential security incidents has been a crucial element in their business strategy. Incident Response Planning has proved that an effective strategy for an organization to handle cyber threats, minimize their impact if they occur and strengthen their defenses against such incidents. organization are familiar with the term, any organization has a very poor infrastructure in Incident Response Plan for their own operations.

Benefits of Incident Response team?

hackers never stop.

neither do we.

Automation of daily tasks leads to better monitoring of devices and to keep them secure.

Having an incident response team adds a certain level of insurance for cyber threats protection.

incident response plan improves the decision making and quick action to the threat of the organization.

administrative and technical processes in places to know when an incident is occurring.

To eliminate the threat by using established technical and administrative process defined for particualar type of incidents and threats

are you prepared against all


  • How safe are you from any cyber threats?
  • How fast can your team respond to the attacks?
  • How to minimize the impact of the attacks?


It is also known as the preparatory phase where our cybersecurity professionals gather as much information as possible about the target before launching an attack.


In this Phase, our Cyber Security professionals detect the target for loopholes or vulnerabilities in your business which can be exploited by hackers


In this Phase, our Cyber Security Professionals breaks into the system or network by the vulnerabilities detected in the previous phase using various exploitation tools.


Finally to Secure your business in this phase our cyber Security professionals Implement appropriate and strong defenses to protect against various cyber threats.

What makes texial’s incident response team best for you?

Experienced Consultants

corporate expertise in the field of information assurance & penetration testing


get a fully detailed, clear and easy to understand report including recommendations for remediation and improvement.

reasonable price

reasonable price with fully explained project report and no extra charges.

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