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Everything you wanna know about CEH v12


Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – INTRODUCTION ‘To beat a hacker, you need to think like one. EC Council
Your ability to master hacking tools and tactics is aided by a Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) certification. To maintain strong security systems, you will learn how to scan,
test, secure, and even hack. CEH in cybersecurity is a good place to start your career.
Given how difficult the CEH exam is to pass, having this certification can help you gain respect across the globe in the field of cybersecurity. We acknowledge your
commitment and effort in clearing the CEH certification test.
One of the most prominent and sought-after professional certifications offered by thereputable International Council of E-Commerce Consultants is Certified Ethical
Hacker (CEH), also known as White Hat Hacker (EC Council). Since the advent of
the internet, network security has been a top priority. Ethical hackers act as good Menand defend computer systems from harmful intrusions, in contrast to typical hackersor bad guys who use networks for unethical or malicious purposes.
A Certified Ethical Hacker is a knowledgeable expert who examines the weaknessesand lawfully breaks into the network, exactly like any illegal hacker does, while guarding it against potential outside threats.
The Evolution of Ethical Hacking
Ethical hacking has its roots in the ancient Indian strategy game Chaturanga, which incomparable to Chess. The US Navy began using war games as a training tool in 1889.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was the site of the first hacking incident in the 1960s. The US Air Force performed its first ethical hack in 1974 to assess the operating system’s security issues. In 1985, the inaugural edition of the e-zine Hacksaws released by and for hackers.
The past of ethical hacking tells us that being a hacker wasn’t always a bad thing. The term “ethical hacking” actually first appeared in the typical sense at the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to the history of the term (MIT).
Although IBM Vice President John Patrick coined the term “ethical hacking” in 1995,
the idea has existed for much longer.
Engineering students used the term “hacking” during the 1960s to describe the processof looking for new ways to optimise machines and systems so that they operated moreeffectively. The history of ethical hacking indicates that some of the world’s brightest
individuals engaged in hacking as a creative project.
About EC-Council
The greatest technical certification body for cyber security is called EC-Council, orInternational Council of E-Commerce Consultants. They have offices in 145 nationsand are the creators of renowned courses like the License Penetration Testing(Practical), Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (C|HFI), Certified SecurityAnalyst (ECSA), and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). Over 200,000 informationsecurity experts have been taught and certified, and their work has changed thethinking of many organization throughout the world when it comes to cyber security.
The certification programmes have received support from numerous governmental
organization, including the US Federal Government through the Montgomery GI Bill,
the US Government National Security Agency (NSA), and the Committee on National
Security Systems. These organization include the National Security Agency and theCommittee on National Security Systems (CNSS).
Albuquerque, New Mexico serves as the head office for EC Council.
Why CEH?
The ability to attack system networks’ uncertainties and weak spots as well as
safeguard them against unauthorised hacking is offered by CEH Certification. Thiscertification aids in giving crucial information about the entire history of an exploit.
By demonstrating that penetration tester’s skill sets meet industry requirements, aCEH certification helps them land their ideal positions. Here are a few explanationsfor why obtaining CEH certification is essential.
1. Makes you ideally adapted for the profession
A Certified Ethical Hacker certification verifies your penetration testing abilitieswhen you are planning a career in cybersecurity and ensures that they comply withaccepted industry standards.
2. Fulfill Your Salary Expectations.
In an industry, hiring certified specialists is simple because there are little formal
training requirements. Organizations in the cybersecurity industry appreciatecandidates with in-depth understanding of the sector, which leads to numerous
chances and a high income for certified ethical hackers.
3. Maps to the Industry Structure
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Office of the Director ofNational Intelligence, and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) together releasedthe NICE/NIST industry framework, which the CEH exam syllabus for obtaining aCEH certification maps to (ODNI).
4. Enhances Job Security
Since cybercrime is expanding so quickly, there is a continuing need for experiencedcybersecurity specialists.
The usual cost to recover after a hack is $690,000 for small firms and more than $1million for a medium-sized business, thus investing in cybersecurity resources ismerely profitable.
An industry-recognized certification will enable you to prove your expertise as aknowledgeable IT security specialist in this growing market and secure your
Benefits of CEH Certification
>A person’s security career should advance. The CEH certification is appropriate forthe person if they can handle the job. One learns everything there is to know about
cyber security and becomes an expert in its application.
>Improves knowledge of vulnerabilities and hazards. Cyber-criminals utilize a varietyof methods to launch attacks and exploit any weaknesses. However, one can expandand increase their knowledge of risks and security by preparing for the CEH exam.
>Boost someone’s pay by a certain amount. When a person holds a certified ethical
hacker certification, his or her salary in an organization increases. It also helps toincrease job security.
>A professional with a certified ethical hacker (CEH) certification is highly helpful inany firm where security is a priority since it makes the holder a master of cybersecurity. Therefore, an organisation has a huge need for expertise in this field:
 System protection, data security, and other information
 Avoid causing harm and other cyberthreats
 Control network testing.
 Sensitize people to security issues
1. C|EH inToday’sWorld
2. Hear from our Certified Members
3. Market Changes andStudent Expectations
4. CEH v12 Introduction
5. Key updates v11 to v12
6. Learn, Certify,Engage, Compete Framework
7. Your new C|EH Story
8. C|EH v12 Packages
9. Operations &Logistics – Migrating to v12
C|EH Continues to dominate
C|EH Relevance to Industry
Job Roles:
95% improved organization security after C|EH.
97% rate the program as directly relevant to current,realworld threats.

SKILLS LEARNED IN C|EH SUPPORT20+ CYBERSECURITY JOB ROLES Mid-level Information Assurance -Security Audit
 Cybersecurity Auditor
 Security Administrator
 IT Security Administrator
 Cyber Défense Analyst
 Vulnerability Assessment Analyst
 Warning Analyst
 Information Security Analyst 1
 Security Analyst L1
 Infosec Security Administrator
 Cybersecurity Analyst L1, L2, & L3
 Network SecurityEngineer
 SOC Security Analyst
 Security Analyst
 Network Engineer
 Senior Security Consultant
 Information Security Manager
 Senior SOC Analyst
 Jr Penetration Tester
 Solution Architect
 Cybersecurity Consultant
 Security Compliance Analyst

Ethical Hacking Training Just Got Better with Gamification
C|EH v12 provides the industry’s most comprehensive program with training, certification, engage,and competition allwrapped into one program that can change the trajectory of one’s career incybersecurity. This one-of-a-kind certification provides comprehensive training in ethical hackingwith hands-on training, labs, assessment, mock engagement (practice), and global hackingcompetitions to ensure that students are at the top of their game.
INTRODUCING OUR NEW C|EH LEARNING FRAMEWORKC|EH v12 Goes Beyond Providing Training and Certification
Builds cyber careers
Creates highly skilled professionals
Helps them grow from initial interest to their first Ethical Hacking Engagement!
With C|EH v12, offer your customers a one-stop solution for cyber skill development!


Enroll in a Ethical Hacking Boot Camp and earn one of the industry’s most respected certifications — guaranteed.

-Live online ethical hacking instruction
– Exam Pass Guarantee
– CEH exam voucher

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