distributed denial of service

Distributed Denial Of Service?

now keep your organization DDos Free?

The evolving DDOs shows no signs of slowing. They keep growing in frequency and volume, the most commonly involving a hybrid or blended approach. Without threat detection and traffic it is impossible to find out DDOs attack. to avoid DDoS attack develop a Denial of Service Response Plan, Secure Your Network Infrastructure, Practice Basic Network Security, Maintain Strong Network Architecture, Understand the Warning Signs and most importantly ” Consider DDoS-as-a-Service”

Benefits of DDoS Protection?

hackers never stop.

neither do we.

DDoS protection solutions are available in an array of configurations for you to get the best service for your business.

Prolexic has been tested time and time again and each time Prolexic’s massive distribution and mitigation network prevails.

Availability can only boost relationships with current customers and help build new relationships

It reduces operational and capex costs by not having to outsource its protection to a third party scrubbing center

added protection, for organizations, add a defense layer that protects the Domain Name Server from being compromised by Denial of Service attacks

are you prepared against all

DDoS Attack?

  • Can a DDoS attack can be prevented?
  • How safe are your servers from DDoS attack website?
  • Are all your files safe online?


It is also known as the preparatory phase where our cybersecurity professionals gather as much information as possible about the target before launching an attack


In this Phase, our Cyber Security professionals detect the target for loopholes or vulnerabilities in your business which can be exploited by hackers.


In this Phase, our Cyber Security Professionals breaks into the system or network by the vulnerabilities detected in the previous phase using various exploitation tools.


Finally to Secure your business in this phase our cyber Security professionals Implement appropriate and strong defenses to protect against various cyber threats.

What makes texial’s DDoS Protection best for you?

Experienced Consultants

corporate expertise in the field of information assurance & penetration testing


get a fully detailed, clear and easy to understand report including recommendations for remediation and improvement.

reasonable price

reasonable price with fully explained project report and no extra charges.

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