Cyber Security assessment

Cyber Security Assessment?

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Protecting your organization from attacks is a tough job. assessment service helps in making it easier. Security assessments have more experience combating cyber threats, techniques, and tactics of the global threat actors than Texial experts

What is  included in the cyber security assessment

Enterprise Information Security Assessment

An enterprise security assessment is a comprehensive analysis of network against known and suspected cyber threats.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Vulnerability assessment and penetration test, are used for testing the vulnerability. VAPT has its own strength and abilities to complete the task

Web application penetration testing

It is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by verifying the vulnerabilities and fixing them.

Incident Response Planning

An incident response plan is a precautionary method to defend the server or any database from cyber threats

Source code review

Security code review is the process of protecting the source code for an application to verify the proper security controls.

Network penetration testing

The main objective of the network penetration test is to identify exploit vulnerabilities in system, networks and network devices.

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Experienced Consultants

corporate expertise in the field of information assurance & penetration testing


get a fully detailed, clear and easy to understand report including recommendations for remediation and improvement.

reasonable price

reasonable price with fully explained project report and no extra charges.

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