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A Global Leader in
Information Security & Forensics

Texial Cyber Security provides state-of-the-art services that keep your organization safe from all threats, external and internal, at all times.


Hackers Never Stop.
Neither Do We.

Globally Recognized & Accredited

Texial Cyber Security With A Dedicated Team Of Experienced Cybersecurity Professionals from across the globe to deliver world class solutions that protect your information.

National Investigation Agency
Intelligence Bureau
Income Tax Department
Government of Karnataka
Tamilnadu Government
Bengaluru city police
Certification on Ethical Hacking

Texial Certifications

Texial’s extensive ethical hacking course enables individuals to develop an adequate set of skills to become effective sentinels against cybercrime.

Analyzing the nature of cyberattacks is an integral part of cybersecurity. The Texial Forensics Expert certification course equips budding digital investigators with the right set of tools to trace the origins and nature of an attack and discern its causes. This is extremely useful for preventing future attacks and improving awareness about the same.

 Texial Expert Hacker are designed for every individual and working professionals who are keen for having Complete practical knowledge of the penetration testing and latest Cyber Security technologies.

We are expert in Security and Data Management

We at Texial understand that one of the biggest obstacles to combating cybercrime is the dearth of trained and certified security personnel. In light of the urgent and growing need for a talent pool to tap into, Texial offers rigorous and comprehensive Ethical Hacking Course to bridge the gap between availability and necessity

Data has become, without a doubt, the most valuable commodity on the planet. With global levels of internet usage increasing exponentially, the protection of data has become paramount.

Texial brings extensive knowledge and information of pertinent cyber threats, which enable it to implement appropriate solutions to halt further proliferation.  

Information security Services
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Texial’s team of dedicated professionals can undertake a thorough evaluation of your digital assets to find any possibilities for a breach and implement proactive measures.

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Loss of personal or corporate information can have catastrophic effects for the victims. Texial’s vast experience helps you restore all that you’ve lost and resume activities in no time.

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Our seasoned experts are adept at providing detailed reports on the situation of your cybersecurity measures and causes of breach in the aftermath of an attack.       

Defend Your Business Against The Latest Cyber Threats


Texial Cyber Security has a mission to provide various services that cover all cyber security needs for every individual and major businesses.


See what's possible with Texial Cybersecurity

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